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Our Classes


Whether you are just starting out with Pilates or a massive Pilates fan, you can get access to our online videos and step up your routine! Nourish your mind, body and spirit all from the comfort of your home!

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga moves you mindfully and seamlessly from one posture to the next using the breath. Our classes are designed to give you an energetic, powerful experience where you can truly harmonise body, mind and breath. We combine flexibility and strengthening with meditation and breath techniques – enjoy a class where you can truly de-stress.

Barre Burn

Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout combining Pilates, Ballet and Cardio that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Barre focuses on toning, lengthening and sculpting your muscles.

Pilates Sweat

A high intensity Pilates class, combining Pilates with HIIT training. With all the benefits of Pilates, but with the additional cardio, Pilates sweat will be to sure to get your heart racing.

Pilates Sculpt

Pilates Sculpt provides a whole body work out. It tones, lengthens and tightens your muscles, whilst focusing on your core and stablising muscles. Get ready to feel that Pilates burn!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on holding restorative poses for long period of time. The poses work deeply into the connective tissues and fascia to unlock tension and restore your body and mind. Join us for a practice where you can truly soften into poses and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you

Booty Burn

Think glutes, glutes and more glutes! Combining a mix of Pilates and Barre, this low impact high intensity workout will work muscles you didn’t even know existed!

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is a mix of Vinyasa and Yin. The first 30 minutes is spent practicing a vibrant, powerful vinyasa flow with the second 30 minutes deepening your Yin practice with slow mindful movements. The perfect mix.