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Sarah Ashe

Sarah Ashe

Yoga instructor


1) How did you get into teaching Yoga?

I've been in love with yoga for a very long time, but when I moved to Sydney it became more than just an exercise routine and started helping me manage stress and to feel more confident and balanced. I really wanted to learn how to use yoga to help other people in the same way it helped me.

2) What's your favourite Yoga exercise?

I love a good balancing pose, it helps to switch off my monkey mind so I'm going to go with Tree Pose!

3) What do you love most about teaching?

I love meeting everyone who comes to class, getting to know them and helping them achieve their yoga goals whatever they may be.

4) What's your go-to coffee?

Almond flat white (but it has to be my favourite brand of Almond milk!

5) Your favourite destination?

Ooh a tricky one! My favourite place I've visited is Sri Lanka but next on my bucket list is New Zealand.

6) When you're not teaching, what will you be doing?

I'm also a writer so you'll often find me tapping my keyboard early morning over a cup of coffee (or in the evening over a glass of wine!


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