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Lottie Maynard

Lottie Maynard

Co-Founder of Studio Combined. Pilates and Barre Instructor


1) How did you get into teaching Pilates?

My friend took me to my first Reformer Pilates class, and from that moment I was hooked - I couldn't get enough of Pilates! Through my own practice I saw both the physical and mental benefits of Pilates, which inspired me to learn more through a qualification. I am so grateful my friend introduced me to Pilates all those years ago!

2) What's your favourite Pilates exercise?

I love a pelvic curl! It's my go-to move in most classes!

3) What do you love most about teaching?

Meeting so many amazing and interesting people! I love the community we have built at Studio Combined, each class is a joy to teach.

4) What's your go to coffee?

Almond flat white

5) Your favourite destination?

Am I allowed to say England, so I can visit all my friends and family! Otherwise, it would be Italy - you can't quite beat an Aperol Spritz overlooking that gorgeous coastline!

6) When you're not teaching, what will you be doing?

Either spending time with my puppy and partner, or have a margs with the girls!


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