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Liz Marcobello

Liz Marcobello

Pilates and Barre Instructor


1) How did you get into teaching Pilates and Barre?

I started teaching barre about 3 years ago and teaching pilates 2 years ago. Having been a dancer for most of my life, my physical health and fine-tuning my body, as it was my instrument, was paramount. Hence the importance of incorporating Pilates into my life.

2) What's your favourite Pilates or Barre exercise?

Probably a plank or a scooter. I love the plank because when done correctly it works the abdominals, the supportive structural muscles around the back, the shoulders and overall you just feel like a hero. I love the scooter exercise in pilates because it targets your glutes, a few quads, balance and core.

3) What do you love most about teaching?

I love helping clients build a mind to muscle connection and seeing them progress in their strength and stability. My absolute favourite thing to hear is that my clients feel stronger, taller and have fewer symptoms of pain from their injuries.

4) What's your go to coffee?

Weak long black or a mocha when I'm feeling a bit extra.

5) Your favourite destination?

My bed - oh you mean geographically? - New Zealand (hiker and skier heaven).

6) When you're not teaching, what will you be doing?

If my schedule has been busy, then curled up with an engrossing book or writing; or if I have the energy, snorkelling, hiking, surfing, bouldering.


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