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Karina Hancock

Karina Hancock

Pilates Instructor


1) How did you get into teaching Pilates?

i have been practicing pilates since I was young! I use to go to a local mat class with my mum and followed a Pilates exercise book at home.

It wasn’t until I started to get a lot of neck pain that I really amped up my training to fix my problems. Seeing how my body adapted and changed with the more practice I did encouraged me to learn more about Pilates and head into teaching.

2) What's your favourite Pilates exercise?

I’d have to say pelvic rolls. It is a fantastic posterior exercise, working through glutes, hamstrings and back of body... and you can add on and layer this move so well to keep challenging the body. I will use this exercise in every class I teach.

3) What do you love most about teaching?

Meeting so many people and building a great connection with them while helping them mow their body.

It’s nice being someone’s escape, motivator, time out and listener. It is very rewarding.

4) What's your go to coffee?

Long black with oat milk.

5) Your favourite destination?

This is hard! I’ve been lucky enough to visit many places and each has their own beauty. But I would have to say Italy. Every corner is different yet very familiar.

The coast and country landscapes are just so beautiful, along with the culture, the people and the food. I’m also half Italian, so maybe it feels a little bit like home.

6) When you're not teaching, what will you be doing?

Most likely walking. I walk a lot. It’s a time out for me, but also a time to connect with friends, discover new places and get some fitness in!


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